Across Africa lays a wilderness portfolio under imminent threat. This estate is more than twice the size of the continent’s entire national parks portfolio combined. The success — or failure — of these conservation areas depends entirely on obtaining the support, involvement, and custodianship of local and indigenous communities and partnerships that create sustainable conservation.

Partner Highlight: Meet Our Partners in Botswana.

In 2021, our partnership with local NGO Kalahari Research and Conservation (KRC) expanded our work into Botswana. Our work in the Greater Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park shelters five million acres and hosts thriving lion, wild dog, and leopard populations. As threats such as poaching and human encroachment increase, preserving these species is vital for the region’s ecological balance.

Our holistic approach encompasses initiatives to safeguard the Kgalagadi’s biodiversity. Projects include the Kgalagadi Lion and Wild Dog Projects, carnivore surveys with fifty camera traps, satellite vulture tracking, and the Conservation Performance Payment (CPP) Project curbing livestock incursions. This fosters coexistence while Tracker Training builds local capacity in conservation. 88 jobs now make up the community-led model, promoting gender equality and wildlife conservation.

Schools receive support, ensuring brighter futures. Upliftment projects span women’s empowerment, healthcare, education, gardens, and alternative livelihoods, reaffirming our commitment. Learn more about our partnership in this video.

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