Evan Rapoport is a technology leader and conservationist who is incubating new "moonshots" that connect people with nature. Previously, he was a Product Manager at Google Research where he led ambitious new AI-focused projects for biodiversity conservation and nature-based climate solutions.

He first joined Google in 2011 as a PM on Street View and then moved to X, where he founded Tidal, a moonshot focused on sustainable aquaculture and ocean health. In 2017, he left Google for a few years to become the founding CEO of Oceankind (a large philanthropic fund) where he created a successful portfolio of millions of dollars of catalytic grants and startup investments. He later joined Conservation International as the Senior Technology Fellow, volunteered with community-based conservation projects in Kenya, and founded Regrow, a nonprofit organization that supports hundreds of young girls who’ve been rescued from sexual violence.

As an expert at going from “zero to one”, Evan is a recognized leader in creating high-impact, innovative teams, project portfolios, and companies. He has taught dozens of workshops for thousands of people about innovation and "moonshot thinking", including at Google, the United Nations, Stanford, leading environmental NGOs, with former Presidents, and in K12 classes. He has received 15 patents across a few different fields and has published seven peer-reviewed journal articles.

Evan loves traveling the world to see the wildest natural places, get up close with incredible animals, and find new opportunities to help with local conservation efforts. Some of his favorite trips include freediving with humpback whales in Tonga, trekking through jungles in Gabon to see gorillas and elephants, diving on pristine reefs in Raja Ampat, swimming with manta rays, and walking amongst wild rhinos and elephants in Kenya. He enjoys organizing trips and inviting inspiring change makers to join him on these adventures. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and is happiest in wild places.


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