Victor K.


Professor Victor K. Muposhi is a Deputy Dean and Coordinator for the MSc in Biodiversity Conservation Degree in the School of Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation at Chinhoyi University of Technology, Zimbabwe. Victor is a holder of a Doctor of Philosophy in Conservation Biology (Chinhoyi University of Technology, 2016), an MSc in Conservation Biology (Bindura University, 2009), a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences Honours in Wildlife and Rangeland Management (Bindura University, 2005) and a Certificate in Community Based Wildlife Management (Southern Africa Wildlife College, 2009). His DPhil project was focused on the sustainability of trophy hunting in modern day conservation with particular focus on Zimbabwe.

Victor has published several articles on wildlife population and behavioural ecology, sustainable use ecological modelling, wildlife re-introduction programmes, and conservation science. He believes if women are given their rightful place in conservation, it would be easy to engage communities and make them the ‘first line of defence’ in most protected areas in Africa. Of late, Victor has developed much interest in illegal wildlife trade, law enforcement and women empowerment in conservation. He endeavours to develop and support complementary pathways that engage and support communities to create an enabling environment thus reducing source markets for illegal wildlife trade.


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