Akashinga Community Supervisor

Blessing Neya's totem animal is the elephant due to her love for these majestic creatures and all the ways she relates to them. Blessing hails from Hurungwe in Zimbabwe and joined Akashinga in January 2021 as the Community Supervisor, a position she has maintained since she joined the organisation and the Akashinga Rangers.

As Community Supervisor, Blessing manages eight Community Guardians who are all Akashinga Rangers. These Community Guardians serve as one of the first layers of proactive collaboration between the Akashinga Programme and the local communities. Community ranger work engages with the communities to protect their lives and livelihoods and is vital to the sustainability of nature conservation. Blessing's work focuses on human wildlife conflict and coexistence, and she credits the Akashinga Programme with giving her a voice and platform to advocate for positive change around conservation issues.


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