Financial Statements

Akashinga delivers ecological stability and long-term protection of large-scale wilderness landscapes by supporting and empowering local communities. Give with confidence as we continue to earn top marks from charity watchdog groups for our efficient and effective use of donations.

Tax information

The Akashinga USA is a 501c (3) tax-exempt organization. All donations to the Akashinga are tax-deductible.

IRS Determination Letter

Form 990 FY 2023

Form 990 FY 2022

Form 990 FY 2021

(Archived Form 990: FY 2020, FY 2019)

Financial statements

2023 Financial Statements

2022 Financial Statements

2021 Financial Statements

(Archived Financial Statements: FY 2020, FY 2019)

Annual report

Thanks to the generosity of Akashinga supporters, thousands of people benefited from Akashinga programs and those of our partner organizations in the past year.

Download the IAPF 2022 Annual Report

Download the IAPF 2021 Annual Report

Efficiency and results

In 2021, only 9% of Akashinga's funding was spent on overheads. 100% of these costs were covered by a single donor, meaning 100% of your funding goes directly to the mission.

At Akashinga, our programs work. For example, 62% of the operational costs involved in the Akashinga model flow directly back into the community, with 80% reaching the households of the rangers. By helping local communities protect their land, we not only care for the wildlife but also develop and empower women and their families.