LEADRANGER’s fourth skills coach course complete

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11 Jan 2022
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We’re proud to inform you that IAPF and our partners’ program LEADRanger recently conducted a special training course for seven trainees who are active rangers from Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) and the Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA). This was our first course with RFU and UWA, and our first in Uganda!

The training focus area they requested was Tactical Tracking. This training, conducted between October 9th and 25th, not only provided rangers with basic terminology and better tracking abilities, but empowered them with field-proven tactics to do this work more safely and effectively. LEADRanger’s Skills Coach Courses are designed to give rangers the specific competencies they need, AND (importantly) to be able to share these skills with other rangers by training their peers once they return to their home units. These seven new graduates will train countless others into the future, improving conservation efforts in multiple African ecosystems.

This is the power of our LEADRanger program.

LEADRanger Skills Coach Course - Tactical Tracking

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